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The study is being conducted by a Team of planning experts and key stakeholders, led by AECOM Technical Services, Inc., a multi-discipline consulting firm with highly developed skill sets in architecture, engineering and rail/transit planning. The firm brings a wealth of knowledge regarding alternative transportation systems and modes and transit-oriented development to the project, including planning and designing Bus Rapid Transit systems, as well designing and managing the construction of recent commuter rail initiatives in Connecticut.

The Team is enhanced by partners and collaborators that add their unique capabilities to the projects. Partners include:

  • CDM Smith – TOD Scenarios, Forecasting, Travel Demand Modelling
  • Harriman– TOD Scenarios, Urban Design
  • Planning4Places – Planning Support, Build-our Scenarios
  • Zuvic, Carr and Associates – Data Collection, Parking Inventory

The technical approach will systematically assess existing travel patterns and conditions, develop TOD scenarios and station area plans, identify possible transportation alternatives for the corridor, including improved connectivity to the rail stations, infrastructure and operational enhancements of the Waterbury branch line, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) options, and determine a preferred approach. Throughout, the Team will collaborate with a Stakeholder Advisory Committee and engage the public to offer comments and suggestions. A critical task will be the conduct of a series of design workshops in each community to help develop scenarios and identify alternative transit options.

The detailed work program includes ten tasks. Click here to see and download the final project work program.

Naugatuck Valley Council of Government
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